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The Arab World’s first live tutoring platform is here. Get your homework done on the move and at a personalized pace and level by connecting instantly with real tutors ready to lend you the helping hand that you need.


The days when you had to wait for a tutor to show up are no more, thanks to Darisni. Now, all you have to do is to login in to your account and connect with a tutor in a matter of seconds. It’s “on demand” in the most literal sense.


Our expert tutors understand that not two problems are alike, that’s why they are willing to interact with you back and forth until you arrive to the solution. Just like your trusted friends, they’re supremely patient and work extra hard for you.


At Darisni, our priority is for us to accommodate your unique needs and pace when it comes to learning. Our tutors are empathic human begins—which makes them better than robots—and thus are trained to teach you concepts in the most practical way possible.


Communicating with our tutors is a breeze, especially if you have chatted on a mobile before. All you have to do is to snap a picture of your problem and hit send. The next step is just a matter of working with your tutor to find the solution quickly and efficiently.


Learning is a two-way process, which means as you continue learning from us, we’ll continue learning from you. At the end of each tutoring session, you are promoted to grade and review the performance of our tutors so that they understand your unique needs better.

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