Visitors and Students

  1. Terms and Definitions:
    • The term “Darisni Platform” shall mean the online marketing and communication platform for training institutes and tutors. The Platform could be accessed from or used through website or by downloading the application from Apple and Android stores.
    • The term “Training Institute” shall mean private training institutes licensed by the authorities in its country to offer training in Mathematics and Arabic and English languages.
    • The term “Tutor” shall apply to the registered users with verified accounts as service providers. Tutors are not required to hold a specific degree or certificate, but they must demonstrate knowledge in the fields.
    • The term “Session” shall mean the tutoring session provided by the tutor to the student through Darisni platform. There is no time limit on sessions since it is influenced by multiple variables such as the type of the question received and the student’s background and capabilities.
    • The term “Visitor” shall mean the users who access the platform either through its website or application without establishing an account. Darisni entitles the Visitors the right to surf and browse the platform without enjoying any of the features the platform offers.
    • The term “Student” shall apply to the registered users who establish an account. Darisni entitles Students to enjoy most of the features, including but not limited to; requesting online sessions and rating Tutors.
    • These Terms and Conditions apply to Visitors, Students, and Tutors.
  2. Scope of the Services:
    • Darisni is an online marketing platform for training institutes and tutors. The aim of this platform is to advertise for tutors online and to create a direct channel of communication between students and tutors globaly.
    • Darisni does not provide or organize tutoring sessions. This online platform offers a search mechanism for Students to find suitable Tutors with the background and knowledge needed to help them with their studies. Furthermore, Darisni allows students to communicate directly with the tutor on the platform.
    • Tutors shall comply with the applicable laws of their countries, Darisni shall not be held liable or responsible for any actions by Tutors, including but not limited to; any tutoring sessions, services, or information shared by a Tutor.
  3. General Terms:
    • Using, browsing, surfing, or accessing the platform is considered consent to these Terms and Conditions, thus these Terms and Conditions shall be considered as a binding agreement between Darisni and Visitors.
    • All users are not allowed to use this platform in an inappropriate, illegal, offensive or unauthorized manner. This ban includes but is not limited to commercial ads, inappropriate language, etc.
    • Darisni reserves the right to alter or change, amend these Terms and Conditions the way they see fit at any time. A continued usage of the platform by the Visitor post amendments of the Terms and Conditions is considered approval of these changes.
    • Darisni shall notify Students of any changes to the Terms and Conditions through the email address that was provided by the Student in the registration form. A continued usage of the platform by the Student post amendments of the Terms and Conditions is considered approval of these changes.
    • Students agree to use Darisni at his/her own risk, by using Darisni the Student agrees to be bound by its Terms and Conditions and to indemnify and keep indemnified Darisni, its owners and management team against any claim, suits, and damages with regards to any activity related to their use of the platform by them or any other person accessing the platform using their membership account.
  4. Registration:
    • For a Visitor to become a registered user (Student), he/she has to fill the registration form online, which requires the following:
      1- Full name.
      2- Email address.
      3- Grade.
      4- Mobile number.
      5- Password.
    • All Students who register in this platform must be of 21 years old or older. In case the Student is younger, the account and all bookings, actions, and activities shall be done through a parent.
    • Students are obligated to provide correct and accurate information upon registration; furthermore, they are obligated to notify Darisni of any subsequent changes to the information provided on the registration form.
    • Every student shall have an account with Darisni with a distinctive username and password. Students can create their own username and password and can alter it at any time. Darisni reserves the right to approve the username and password chosen by the Student.
    • Students shall read and agree to the privacy policy adopted by Darisni.
    • Students have to keep their usernames and passwords confidential and not to share with a third party to protect their privacy.
    • Students shall be responsible for all activities made through their accounts including but not limited to, requesting a session, slandering, posting an offensive comment, or publishing inappropriate materials.
    • Every Student is allowed to have only one account on this platform; multiple accounts are prohibited.
  5. Sessions:
    • Students have the right to request a tutoring session on Darisni by clicking on “request a tutor”, which allow him/her to communicate directly with a tutor through the live chat feature. After requesting a tutoring session, the platform will search automatically for an available tutor and display the request to him/her. The moment the tutor approves the request, the platform will display the tutor’s personal information, brief of his/her experience and his/her rating by other students, if available, to the student. For, 30 seconds, the student has the right to decline the session and place another request for tutors.
    • Darisni will rank the tutors automatically based on their knowledge level of subject/topics and waiting time in the queue.
    • Students must have fast and steady connection to the internet before requesting a session. If the student loses internet connection during a session, he/she is not entitled for a refund.
    • The Student has to end the session by clicking on end the session (X) button. In case the student left the session or became inactive for any reason without ending it, the session will continue for five minutes. The platform will end the session automatically after that without notice.
    • Tutors are required to help students by explaining and training students. This does not give them the right to solve students’ homework. Students must actively participate in the session.
    • Tutors have the right to report any misuse of the platform by students.
    • Students shall not share any personal information with the tutor during the session. Furthermore, any attempt to organize a private tutoring session outside the platform is prohibited. Darisni reserves the right to terminate the account of any violators
  6. Rating of Tutor:
    • Students have the right to rate the Tutor after the session through the rating form provided by Darisni. Students can rate the Tutor out of 5 and can add a comment on the comment board about the experience they had with the Tutor.
  7. Authority of Darisni:
    • Darisni has the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate the services at any time.
    • Darisni have the right to record all sessions. Students are allowed to revisit the session they had by clicking “previous sessions”
    • When a Student deletes content, it is deleted in a manner similar to emptying the recycle bin on a computer. Darisni furthermore has the right to backup the deleted content for a reasonable time period.
    • Students recognize and acknowledge the intellectual property rights of Darisni on all content of the platform including but not limited to logos, trademarks, design, graphics, software, documents. All users are prohibited to use Darisni’s name, logo, trademark, design, graphics, software, documents, or any other distinctive feature.
    • Darisni reserves the right to terminate the account of any Student that violate these Terms and Condition.
  8. Fees and Payment:
    • The fees of a tutoring session shall be estimated based on the session duration. Minutes are rounded up and any fraction of a minute will billed as 1 full minute. The fee and expiry of each minute varies based on the package selected at time of purchase. All information (including price and expiry dates) will be available at time of purchase.
    • Darisni reserves its right to change offered packages (price, expiry of mins, etc.) at various markets at any time. Moreover, Darisni reserves the right to offer promotional offers for limited period of time.
    • Student may fund their accounts through available payment gateways.
  9. Credit System:
    • Each Student account is associated with a credit system. Students can recharge their credit accounts by buying available packages using available payment gateways. The money shall be converted automatically to a number of minutes based on purchased package.
    • The money in the credits account is valid and can be used up to the expiry date of the package listed at time of purchase.
  10. Refund policy:
    • Darisni has no cash refund policy. On the other hand, minutes are refundable based on
      Darisni’s discretion. In case of an event where the student wants to claim a refund, student shall send an email to
  11. Governing Law and Venue:
    • These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and constructed in accordance with
      Kuwaiti law. Any disputes, legal proceeding, litigation arising from or in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Arbitration Center of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry.